xam today uses all the know how that in 40 years the leading company Classicmobil has achieved across the use of top quality materials, high qualified finishing and fittings with the aim to reach the excellence of the production of the product, just as once was required for the preciousness of brass.

xam's market reference is a medium-high trade level, for which the object does not have the only and reductive function to furnish, but most of all, to reflex its identity, its way of being and to contemplate and to exalt the architectural space: it's required to have a soul; the creations that are proposed, are not wanted to be tied to fashion, the temporary styles are rarely visible; for this reason the designers who cooperate with the company, are chosen with extreme cure, according to the deep affinity with xam's formal language every reflexion and creative passage, are achieved within its own designer section

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